16 Gauge Welded Wire Fence

brc galvanized welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh can come as coils /rolls or flat panels and sheets. It can be constructed from low carbon and stainless steel. Surface treatment can be electro galvanized an hot dipped galvanized, also can be PVC coated or Powder coating.

16 Gauge Welded Wire Fence is quick and simple to install and is not easily displaced by workers laying concrete. The ease of use can reduce completion time and help projects remain on budget. Faster construction time also minimizes the exposure of building components to the elements, resulting in higher-quality work.

Welded Wire Mesh Applications and usage:

1. Fences and gates: welded wire mesh fences and gates installed at residences use very stronge and all types ofcommercial and industrial properties can live a long life.

2. Architectural uses :such as building facades: welded wire fabric is known for its strength and durability,

architects and designers often use it to enhance aesthetic appeal.Any color can be made, such as green, orange, black, blue, silver or golden color.

3. Architectural Wire Mesh for Green Building Design: Using welded wire mesh can help achieve LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and certification.

4. Infill panels for railings and divider walls: panels are used often as partitions or divider walls due to its clean andsometimes modern look. stall very easy and can repeat using everywhere.

5. Animal control: Farmers, ranchers and animal control professionals use fencing made from welded wire mesh to contain livestock and stray animals.

6. Screens for doors and windows: Welded wire mesh screens provide a sturdy material and effective insect control when installed in windows.

7. Machine guards: Use welded wire cloth guards for industrial machinery.

8. Shelving and partitions: Welded wire mesh’s strength and stability enable it to serve as shelving for storing heavy products and as partitions that promote visibility.

9. Behind-the-scenes use in plumbing, walls and ceilings: Wire mesh provides support for pipes installed in the walls and ceilings of a structure.

10. Gardens to keep bugs away from their plants and vegetables: Mesh with a low open area percentage serves as a screen that prevents insects from destroying plants.

11. Agriculture: To serve as barrier fencing, corn cribs, livestock shade panels and temporary holding pens.

The specification of Welded Wire Mesh

Specification list of high quality welded wire mesh


Wire diameter


In Meric (mm)

Wire Diameter(BWG)

1/4" x 1/4"

10.6mm x 10.6mm



10.6mm x 10.6mm


1/2" x 1/2"

6.4mm x 6.4mm


5/8" x 5/8"

16mm x 16mm


3/4" x 3/4"

16mm x 16mm


1" x 1/2"

25.4mm x 25.4mm



38mm x 38mm


1" x 2"

38mm x 38mm


2" x 2"

38mm x 38mm


Technical Note:

1.Standard roll length: 30m;width: 0.5m to 1.8m

2.Special sizes available at request

3.Packing: in waterproof paper in rolls. Custom packing available at request

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